Transition and Timing to Foundation Training Plan

I live in MN and want to get the most riding I can in before it gets really cold and turns to snow. I plan to ride prior to transitioning to the 3 wk Foundation Plan. A this point, I am planning to start the 1st week of November to take a advantage of riding weather as much as I can. Is this date to late? What type of riding is best (z2, z3, intervals, etc…) during these upcoming warm periods prior to transitioning to the plan?


The riding that’s in the Fall Foundation plan is the best :wink:

It has the important muscle tension inter Val work that will prepare you to enter the weight room + structured aerobic work and weekend rides

Thank you!

So after I complete the foundation plan, working backwards from my “A” race with a target of 90 ctl, I purchased the resistance training with sweet spot. From there I will move to the gravel specific plan which takes me right into my “A” race that will finish about 1.5 weeks prior to my event. Does this sound like a good path?

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Have you taken your post season break yet?
If not, that is a good thing to plan into your calendar before jumping into the foundations plan. Coach Frank even gives a lot of tips on what to do during that time here.
As you read it, you’ll notice volume goes down. BUT you can still get out and enjoy this beautiful weather :slight_smile:

Yes, I took my “shy of two weeks” break at the end of Aug/1st week of Sept.

Awesome @jhenkemeyer77, that is very important.
I would suggest starting your foundations plan a week or two earlier than you were planning though, so that way you have a little wiggle room in your plan for if/when “life” happens. You don’t want to have something come up and then have no time to spare :slight_smile:

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Excellent advice and i will push the start date up by a week. I have already started doing the resistance/muscle activation work and yoga to get in the habit Mon and Fri, that you can never start too early :slight_smile: Thank you!