32 Week Plan Adjustment Required?

Hi Guys,
Just finished my target gravel race after completing the gravel training plan (yes, a review is coming) and am going to transition into the off season weight training plan just like last year. I applied the 32-week plan in TP and noticed (recalled) the plan starts with 2 weeks of some tempo and MTI’s. Given where I am starting, is this required or should I just jump into resistance training?

As alway, thanks for the help.

When you start the resistance training has more to do with when your first race is. The first few weeks of the 32 week plan is a fall foundation. However you basically did that and more with your late season gravel race! Keeping fitness up a bit before winter hits.
So I would recommend you go ahead and start the 2 week off season break now like you have in Training peaks for this week.

Then I would go ahead and start right up with the resistance training when you start again. Like I said you basically did the ‘fall foundation’ part with the late season gravel plan.

What date is your first race? You’d like to get 10 weeks of the resistance plan, 12 - 16 weeks of sweet spot and then your 6 week race specific plan. That is the ultimate goal of a time table.

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Thanks for the reply Coach Jake. Understand the timing, the podcast covering that topic was invaluable. Timing is always tricky in CA as racing can start as early as January and can end now with gravel events. There are always C and B races during the “off season” prep. Skipping the Fall foundation helps timing which is why I asked. 10 weeks of resistance, 12 weeks of SS, then 6 weeks of event specific work. On it!