Starting a training plan and past plans

I was planning on starting the 6 weeks until CX on July 29, which give me 5 weeks for the summer CX sweet spot plan. Would you recommend I finish the summer SS or can I skip the first week? or should I overlap plans for a week and choose my workouts. What do you recommend?

I bought a bunch of plans for CX last year and REALLY enjoyed the program (and it helped me win at nationals)! I am wondering if the CX plans, specifically CX intervals and CX race and recover, that are listed now are the same ones I bought last year or do you change them? Should I just use the ones from last year again?

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Yes, you can (& should) use them again this year - they did not change. You can just reapply them from your training plan library by selecting your start date.

For the overlapping week - good question, I’d just get to that week and ask yourself when you get there, ‘do I need more base or do I need to get started with cx specific intensity?’

Might be a hybrid or you may know base is a limiter and want to finish that out. Hope that helps - good luck sweet spottin’ this Summer!