Best Choice for Next Plan

[Responding to an email from Coach Jake]

Finished SS1 last week…just prior to getting sick. Yea. Ended up not being able to ride MidSouth due to illness. Overall, felt like SS1 Basic was a little too easy and am thinking about SS3 as I try to get more VO2 max work incorporated.

In terms of what comes next, well, it all depends on COVID-19 related cancellations. I was planning on another gravel grinder on April 11, but the status remains unknown at this time. After taking a few years off from racing to focus on family and career, I’d like to get back into crit/RR in the masters (45-50 years old; cat 3). If I were to propose an A race, it would be something like Tulsa Tough in early June. Otherwise, mostly just looking to get as fit as possible.

Not sure if the basic or intermediate plan is best for the amount of time I have. I generally train indoors Tuesday-Thursday with longer weekend rides outdoors. I can make 60-90 min indoor rides work with 2-4 hr each day on the weekends.

Looking forward to your feedback. Feeling like I might be able to start riding again this week and need to get the plan in place.




Hey Stephen!

So we have about 13 weeks till Tulsa Tough. You would want to get in 6 weeks of interval training before then. Something like our criterium plan. So that would be 6 of the 13 weeks. So what to do with the 7 weeks before you start that?

Well you hit it on the head. I would do the sweet spot 3. Start introducing some anaerobic training! But maintaining some important aerobic training. You still have 13 weeks till Tulsa Tough (maybe), so you still want to continue with some aerobic based training and this is the perfect between plan.

You should do our intermediate plan. Once you apply the plan I can go in and make sure there are not 2 hour weekday rides, which there will be, but we can knock these back to 90 minutes. Everything else should be fine.

Oh and you are probably thinking to yourself, well that is 12 weeks of plan and I have 13 weeks. Well again, once you apply the plan I will need to add a rest week for you to blend sweet spot 3 and the criterium plan. I can also put in a proper taper for the 3 race weekend in June.

Though also if you do plan on doing some road races to follow Tulsa, or gravel race that most likely will have been postponed might look at our road race and criterium plan which is a great blend! Again we can fix this up for with the subscription once we get to that point.

Bummer about the postponements of races but this is happening for everyone across the board. Frank and Jackson had a podcast on it this week. Just keep calm and #FtFP. We all are going to stay in shape, have more time to get fast and come out swinging this summer and fall.

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Bueno. Thanks, Coach Jake. Purchased SS3 Intermediate and ready-to-roll.

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