Applying CX Season Plan?

I am excited finally to have purchased a Fascat training plan and went with the full CX season! My 2019 season ended with one of my best races, where I applied everything I learned and not only finished better than where I started the race but also where I started the season.

My question for the coaches and group is how to apply the season package to achieve my CX goals for next year and balance some winter triathon (ski/bike/run) training. In order to do this, I will likely tailor the intermediate to be a low-intermediate plan so I can run and rollerski.

My two CX goals for next cross season is improve USAC points (306) and earn my Cat 3 upgrade. I have some regional events where I race my age (45+) to boost this and will focus my upgrade efforts locally (selectively over 10 or races, one race a weekend). Natz is nearby and if I had my upgrade I would go or race the non-competitive category for the experience.

Here is the proposed macro periodization:

Off Season (March-April) (incoming CTL 67/Form 10)
Base Gravel and Trainer (May-early June)
CX Sweet Spot Plan (mid June) (start cross specific)
CX Intervals (late July)
CX Race/Recovery (early September)(has me coming in at 91 CTL/Form 7 for A regional races and first local races)
CX 6 Weeks to Natz (late October) (has me coming in at 67 CTL/Form 25)
Winter Tri Build (December-January)
Winter Tri Race (Feb)

This looks good in training peaks and I am happy with the numbers. With some choice, I am sure 91 is aggressive. Any recommended changes, insights, or questions?

Awesome @marcelderosier - I noticed you have missed the one and only, the OG: Six Weeks to Cyclocross - with the cx specific running and strength & mobility work:

You want to do this plan for the six weeks leading into your cx season. if you cx season begins mid-September, begin this plan August 1st after your summer cx sweet spot and before your CX Intervals.

Good luck!

Hi Frank, honored to have my first response from the Big Cat. Thanks for the quick reply. I interpreted the intervals as race specific. Is interval really a build block followed by the 6 week to cross where cornering etc is included?

I have a stand alone running plan that has speed, tempo, and endurance (5k through June and 10 mile through October then 10k through off season). I also use The System strength training year round (off season/prep is plyometric, form, and sprinting, pre season is volume, intensity strength, and explosivity, and in season to maintain).



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Ha - ‘in the flesh’ over here. I don’t really know about the System or anything like that - we just advocate #FtFP’ing :sunglasses:The plan progression is this:

Also to clarify - ‘there is no running in cyclocross’ rather there is SPRINTING and usually for 10-15 seconds (except at Nationals this year. THEREFORE you do not need nor should run 5k’s for 'cross or jog , etc… Simply perform the CX Run Workouts in our plan which at the most basic level are 5 x 20 sec hill repeats, walk down.

You can read more about our CX Run Philosophy here:

Super. Switched out intervals for 6 weeks til cyclocross. Thanks for the tips! Your fatigued based training and master’s CTL episode sealed the deal for me on the plans. Cheers, Marcel

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