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Thanks for buying a FasCat Training Plan! Prepare to get faster, but first you gotta #FtFP :slight_smile:

You should have received an email like this to accept your plan:

See the instructions and video below for applying your plan to your to your training calendar:
Additional instructions can be found here.

Here are the 6 simple steps that you will need to follow before activating your plan:

  1. Create and/or Login to your TrainingPeaks Account (

  2. Navigate to your Calendar view by clicking on ‘Calendar’ at the top of your screen

  3. Click the Training Plan icon at the TOP left of your screen

  4. Select the plan you would like to apply

  5. Choose your Start Date (choose a Monday)

  6. Click ‘Apply’

Here is a visual demonstration:


  • Use the code " FasCat60Days " for your free 60-day YogaGlo membership:
  • Use the coupon code " FasCat20 " to upgrade to your TrainingPeaks Premium account, free for 30-days.
  • If you’d like to extend your Premium upgrade, you can save 20% with code: " 2020FasCat ". You do not need TrainingPeaks Premium to continue your Training Plan.

Visit the FasCat Forum to set up an account an ask our coaching staff questions.

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At the end of your plan, we’ll offer you 25% off the purchase of another FasCat Training Plan if you submit a review about the plan you just completed. Thanks again for your purchase with FasCat Coaching!


Hi Brian,

I must say I am not impressed with the introduction to Fascat so far. I have spent an hour and a half and got nowhere, really apart from bogged down in multiple screens.

I managed to work out that you needed to create THEN upgrade your TrainingPeaks account, but still have no email re my training plan…how long do I have to wait?

I am trying to be positive, but I think we have got this the wrong way round and Fascat should be paying us to iron out all of their issues and develop a user friendly front end?

Best Regards


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Hi Simon,

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had trouble getting this started. I agree that we have a lot of room for improvement, and I’ve updated our “How to Start Your FasCat Training Plan” with a note that users must create a TrainingPeaks account prior to upgrading with the “Fascat2019” code.

Regarding your question about the email to start your training plan - that email should have been sent from TrainingPeaks (Not FasCat). I see that you ordered with email “”, was that also the email that you use to set up your TrainingPeaks account?


I just sent you an email. Looking forward to hearing from you and getting you sorted.


Hi Bryan,

Thank you for your response. I think the main issue is managing expectation vs reality. Having listened to a Fascat podcast which was so straightforward, logical and simple to follow I just thought I would log on to a single site and I would be
taken through a similar experience. Instead I am suddenly faced with Fascat website, forum, Training Peaks site, forum, dashboard all of which are quite detailed screens with significant content and I am all of a sudden thinking - What have I done?!! On top
of that there are lead times, so for example a) emails such as the Training Peaks one didn’t come through straight away and b) others such as the Fascat ones take a while for the links to be fully established. All fine and understandable after a few hours
but when you are keen to get going the user is unsure whether it is because something is wrong at your end, or whether the user is doing something wrong!

To be honest I had a quick play with the Training Peaks app in the car now things have had time to load and the interaction was actually quite simple and easy to work through.

I will persevere! Yes - the email I have used for both the Fascat and Training Peaks are the same:

I run a graphics design company, and to make everything much easier for your future clients the first thing I would present to a new user would be a flow chart which visually explains the steps they have to go through (along with little tips like
'may take 5-10 minutes to activate’) You could also include a brief description alongside each of the items as to their function too. Happy to work with you on that if you ever want me to!

Best Regards


Orange Press Ltd

07710 780237

0845 500 8080

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Hi Isaiah,

Thank you - I think I am getting there! I managed to upload my training plan so just need to work out how to record my data and get it uploaded, but I’m sure that will come in time!

Best Regards


I did not get my training plan as well:


All set - sorry for the delay! Good luck #FtFP’ing! Also these instructions may be helpful:

Hey there, I just purchased my training plan and never got an email to accept my training plan? Help!
The email is the same as my TP account!

Alright - awesome @jdcicero147 - now that you’ve opened up a TrainingPeaks account we’ve pushed your plan out to you again. Good luck #FtFP’ing!

Have a great Thanksgiving :turkey:

Thanks Frank - looking forward to #FtFP’ing!


Hi there! My email for my current TP account is (the same email I used for FastCat). Hoping that you may be able to send me my training plan? Thanks!

Super - our system shows we sent the plan to you at the time of your purchase and you received it.

See the ‘Get Started Instructions’ we sent you and perform steps 1-4:

Double check your spam folder too

Hi Bryan,

Thank you for the welcome and I hope you are managing ok in these tricky times.

I have downloaded the SweetSpot 2 programme for Triathletes ok but as we are in ‘lockdown’ I can run and bike but currently am unable to swim.

Please advise how the plan can be changed to accommodate this.

Best Regards


Here’s how to adjust your swim workouts @simonstark_toller - it sounds like you will have to delete them :sob:

That said, when the pools re-open you can apply your plan and the swims will be on there. My advice is to not delete the swims too far out for when its possible again - stay safe!

Thanks Frank.

If I wanted Nadia to amend the plan to incorporate a running goal such as getting to 18 mins for my 5k time (such as could that be done and if so how much would that be please? Or is this something that would be more appropriate in my switch from ‘Base to Race’ (ie the following 6 weeks?)?

Best Regards


I just purchased a plan but did not see until after purchase that I needed to use same email for purchase as for Training Peaks login. Maybe this is why I don’t see my new plan in the TP library on my calendar page? What should I do now and how do I find my program?

Hey Peter,

Just sent that plan out to you :ok_hand: Look for that email shortly

Hi, also just purchased a plan with Apple Pay, and of course this is not the same mail address like the one from TrainingPeaks -.-
Hope you can forward me the plan again to:

Thanks in advance,