Yogaglo membership


Where can we find our promo code for the 60day free trial of Yogaglo? I am doing the 6 weeks till CX plan, and am unable to find the promotion code.


It should be in an “other” classified workout in one of the beginning days of a training plan when you apply it to your TrainingPeaks calendar. Search in TrainingPeaks for “yogaglo redeem”

I had the same question a couple months ago. As chad said, the info will be right in your training plan. Once you have the workouts uploaded into your training peaks calendar, in one of the first workouts, open the workout and in the description box is all the info to get set up. It’s easier to do from a desktop then from the phone.

Also see here - I think this post is available to all first time training plan customers & forum visitors :slight_smile:

Hello! I see the Redeem Promocode button, but the link takes me to a page to put in a Promo Code and card information. I tried FasCat2019 for the promo code, but that doesn’t work. Do you guys know where I could find the promo code?

Oh my goodness! I finally found it! Now I understand!! Thanks so much for the help