No email came through

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Just brought the 40k TT Plan and no email followed. This hasn’t happen before.
Can you advise how to get the plan.

Good morning @t.garlinge - I just pushed your plan thru.

Your email came thru in the order as T.Garlinge@icloud.com4539 which is either a typo or a super FUNKY website glitch so I deleted the 4539 and see that you have received it.

Good luck with your Time Trialing and #FTFP!

Thanks it’s come through now. Cheets

I’m struggling to log onto forum.

The email is wrong.

My email is



Sorry about that @t.garlinge - try again, I just made a change on the backend. See if that’s it. You should have access everywhere in the forum except the Coaching Subscription portion.

It’s saying it sent a activation email to t.garlinge@icloud.com4539.

My email is

Aha - sorry about that but I just pushed your plan to the correct email and it was deliver - accept and apply and begin FtFP’ing!

Thanks - good luck with your training!

It’s all sorted now.


Having same problem with SS part 3 that just brought no emails from Training peaks

I just sent the plan to you. Let me know if you do not receive the email to accept the plan.

Thanks got it now.
I really enjoying the plans thanks again