Training peaks set up issues

HI I set up a training peaks account but there is no link to find my fascat work out.

Thanks, Tom

Thanks @tommorse - now that you have your TrainingPeaks set up, I was able to push your plan to you last night

Now start with step #2 and follow these next steps:

  1. Use the coupon code FasCat2019 to upgrade to a PREMIUM account, FREE for 30 days (after 30 days, use 20offFasCat19 for 20% off Premium)
  2. Check your email to accept your training plan into your TrainingPeaks library

  1. Apply your plan and choose your start date (any Monday):

  1. Use FasCat60days for your FREE 60 day YogaGlo membership here:
  2. Start riding and follow the plan! This is the FtFP part (you’ll see)
  3. Ask questions about your plan, using trainingpeaks, what plan you should do next: ask in our forum HERE !
  4. At the end of your plan if you want to leave a review we’ll send you a 25% discount for your next plan. Speaking of which plan to do next, we’ve got that forum category here and coaches to help answer your question and help you decide


Can you do the same for me? I think I’m having the same issue.