General approach for multi-discipline racing

I’ve done the research, but feel more confused than ever about where to go from here. There are probably a lot of riders like me, so hopefully someone can relate. Here is my situation:

This past winter I did 3 months of base training and then switched to the gravel plan in preparation for the spring season and my “A” races next weekend (Saturday and Sunday rides totaling 120 miles and 12k ft of climbing :muscle:). After that, I have another gravel race mid June I am targeting, plus a few short mountain bike events.

July and August will be all about camping and mountain biking, not much racing, but lots of long endurance rides. Then in September I have one 60 mile mountain bike “A” race, plus wanting to have a strong CX season.

My goals:
Improve FTP and max power
Burn fat, build muscle (I’d like to get below 10% body fat, currently hovering around 12)
Strong CX season

Currently, my thinking would be to take a rest week after my upcoming event, then repeat 5 weeks of the gravel plan to take me to my mid June event. After that, maybe sweet spot for 2 months until mid August and then start a CX specific plan? The main variable there is the mountain bike race in September, but I’m not concerned with doing race specific training for that one event (pretty confident I’ll be happy with my fitness/endurance leading into CX).

Thanks for looking and I greatly appreciate any advice!