Did I Pick the Right Plan

Currently I’m doing the 16 week weight + base training plan and have really enjoyed it. FTP test Tuesday and then start the SS work, which I am looking forward to. Already hanging better on grouprides, so excited to see how longer/harder intervals help me progress.

I wanted to take advantage of the Valentines sale, so I picked up the Climbing Intervals plan on a whim and plan on starting it at the beginning of April when my current plan ends. My strength is hard short busts of power, so I figured focusing on longer intervals would be beneficial to me. But want to make sure I made the best decision.

I have a 15-mile mtb race the beginning of April, in preparation for a 30-mile mtb race at the end of April which is my “A-race”. This is my first time doing this race, and will my longest mtb race, so just looking to have fun and finish strong vs be competitive. That will be my season for the year for the most part because we are expecting a baby in June. So my main aim this year is to get into as good of shape as possible before June and then try to hang on to as much fitness as possible when the baby gets here. I hope to be in decent enough shape to race CX in the fall and will use one of the CX plans six weeks out from the season.

Is there a better plan for me to use beyond the Climbing intervals for the time between the beginning of April til June? I plan to play it by ear for a few weeks after the baby to see what’s what and then maybe do another round of base between then and CX.