New FTP Please Update Structured workouts

Hello, my FTP went up a day before I started SS4.
It was 237w and now sits at 249w.
Structured workouts are showing old value. Can you change this please as I intend to export the workouts to my Garmin.
Cheers Frank T

I’m assuming you’re just using a plan and not an athlete since you mentioned SS4. Pain in the butt to do but remove the plan and add it back in AFTER you update your FTP in TP. You’ll also need to remove the workouts from the Garmin so they re-sync with the correct data. It’s not something I would expect Fascat to do as a plan customer, it’s a TP thing (issue if you will).

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Yes paying coaching sub.

Hey Frank,

It looks like your target zones are correct in the TrainingPeaks workout builder baed on an FTP of 249 watts. Are you seeing the correct values now? Make sure that you correct your FTP value in your Garmin as well. This maybe why you see the wrong values on your Garmin.

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Yeah my Garmin showing 200w FTP. Dunno where it got that from.
Way back I had a Garmin username for my account then they scrapped that idea and replaced it with your email address which insisted on 8 letter/digit/symbol password.
So looks like I have 2 Garmin accounts and my device only recognises the old account #mess.