Flanders Sportif

Hi- I’m doing the shorter option for Flanders April 4- 186 km with 5000 ft of climbing. What is the best plan? I bought the Fondo plan but wanted to ask. Also, I have 4 weeks more than the plan- should I repeat a portion of the plan or purchase another one, sweet spot or hill intervals? Thanks.

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You should look at doing our road race interval plan! This would give you some good Vo2 max like you will have to do to get up the steep bergs.

I would start this plan at the end of the fondo plan. You may want to make the second weekend of the road race plan longer, such as a simulation ride you find in the fondo plan. This is that key 3 week window where it is the best time for that simulation ride.

But after building up your fitness, CTL with the fondo plan the last few weeks leading into the event it will be great to get in that bit of higher intensity.

Fantastic. Thanks a lot.