Which Training Plans for Paris-Roubaix + Etape du Tour Fondo

I’m new here but have been enjoying your Podcasts.
I’m a 56 year old medium-level cyclist doing 7-8000 km/year and mainly target 1-2 Fondos and a few Spring/Fall 1-day Classics each year. I would like to raise my level this year with a bit more targeted structured training.
I’ve been doing Base Training with increasing volume incl. lots of SS Training over the past 6 weeks and just finished an intenisve 1 week Training Camp with a big CTL increase.
My main event priorities are Paris-Roubaix (flat but brutal cobbles) in 6 weeks and then the (top priority) Etape du Tour Fondo in 18 weeks (12 weeks later).
Curious what you would recommend?
Thanks, Richard

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I would do our 6 week gravel plan now. Since you have a good base already this is the perfect plan to go straight into! There is some good intensity during the week and long weekend rides to help simulate your Paris Roubaix ride. Be best if you could hit some cobbles to mimic it but if not maybe some dirt roads.

After that I would go into a sweet spot 3 plan followed by the Fondo Plan. So doing the advance sweet spot 3 plan between is good as it does have some higher intensity intervals so you are still hitting your top end in training and not all aerobic based.


Hi Jake,
Thanks for the quick and helpful feedback. I wouldn’t have thought about Gravel but it sounded like a good idea so I have bought the Gravel Plan and starting this week after some good recovery following the heavy Training Camp. I’m doing a good Test Event in Belgium 2 weeks before Paris-Roubaix but I’ll look for some Cobbles and Gravel for training. The plan looks good at a first glance and I’ll look forward to getting faster…
Cheers, Richard


Hi Jake,
As Paris-Roubaix is cancelled (like everything else) I just broke off the Gravel Plan that I had started. It was progressing nicely and I can go back to it another time. I don’t know if my Etape du Tour Fondo will be happening in July but, if not, maybe at least a few Fall Fondos. I am fortunate to have a fair bit of time to train during the crisis (inside and outside) and was wondering what you would recommend to do as a good bridge to build my base further? Ideally something I can reuse next year when things are hopefully back to normal.
Thanks, Richard

Heya @deyrichard for sure the Sweet Spot Part 3 plan that Coach @Jake posted above, especially since you can ride more :white_check_mark:

Hey Frank,
thanks for your reply.
I just bought the Sweet Spot Part 3 plan you recommended but noticed after buying that it was the default Basic plan and i actually wanted the Intermediate plan.
Due to Corona I actually have more time than otherwise and wanted to use it to increase CTL and ftfp!
Can you help me exchange this please? (Order #37515)
Thanks, Richard

Hey Richard,

I just swapped those plans out for you so you should be all set! Enjoy the plan!

Thanks Jake! I just popped it into TP and it shows my CTL going steadily up over the next 6 weeks at a similar ramp rate as in the past weeks so looks like exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again!