Finishing SS2 now, what plan is next?

I purchased Sweet Spot1 and Sweet Spot 2 separately. Finished SS1 Basic, currently planning to finish SS2 next weekend. No “formal” races planned this summer, however looking to keep continued structured indoor trainer rides during the week before work while also showing “competitive” spirit in 2-3 hour weekend group rides. This fall, I plan to mix up my first season of 3-4 local Cx events and a few 3-4 hour gravel grinder races. What plan should I start 05/27/19? Should I purchase SS3, Cx Sweet Spot, other? I already have the Basic plans for Six Weeks till Cyclocross, and Six Weeks to Boulder Roubaix.

I am mid-40s, have been a cycling enthusiast for 10+ years, this is my second year of following serious structured training plan and love the results (more power, faster, quick recovery, fatigue less noticable, and big smiles). My FTP is 240 and CTL is currently in low 50s which appears to align with Cat5 or low-Masters.

Thanks in advance.

I’d recommend SS3. Still pretty far off from cross and the gravel racing so best to keep building that base over the summer here. Than you can transfer into a gravel grinder plan and depending on first cross event you will want to start a cross specific intensity plan 6 weeks out.

Thanks @Jake. I will purchase SS3 and add it into my plan.