Recovery after minor surgery

Just got the release from my doc to start riding again after 12 days off the bike after minor surgery. I am 56yo and was at a fairly high CTL (82) after coming out of 18w SS 2 weeks prior. After 2 weeks off, should I start over with the 18w SS plan or come in mid way? So far I’ve done 3 Zone 2 rides up to 1:45 just to see how the body feels.

Welcome back @robertfischer - what are you training for and when will that be? That will help me/us answer you! :pray:

For example - a crit in 4 weeks. Or just to improve FTP before this winter.

Mainly to get stronger into the winter, to have a big base for events like BWR, Crusher, SBTGRVL. Planning on SBTVRTL (One of the CO routes) and maybe a multi day dirt trip across Colorado.

Aha - so with the virtual SBTG in 3 weeks you could do the gravel plan or sweet spot 4 depending on what you wanted to work on (sweet spot and LONG rides with the gravel and VO2/raise your FTP with SS4)

Do either of those and move into our off season training, here is the complete 32 week plan which will be really good for the BWR and Crusher

“Work Hard, Ride Fast, Have Fun: #FtFP