Final week of BE training plan

I’m in my last week of Breck preparation. Feeling good and psyched!

The final workout I have on Aug 7th will be very challenging to complete (working that day and heading off to Colorado that night). Is there an alternate workout I can squeeze out on the trainer indoors in the morning? Say 45min that will have a similar benefit?


Yes - I chopped off the zone 2 warm up and cool down but kept the structure of the workout to get you down to 50 minutes. The 20 minute effort won’t feel good indoors nor will you make anywhere near your best power - but do it anyway for the training benefit.

Good luck at Breck Epic!!

oh that’s awesome.
thanks Frank. Yeah that 20min will kinda suck but I’ll feel much better having accomplished something rather than a blank right before the race.
Thank you for all your help and wisdom. I’m definitely a stronger rider. I’m nervous about the altitude but will use the HR guide to get me through. Can I send results and feedback along the way in the forum?

I think if you go to the subscription product page you can leave a review like here (thanks!):

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