Finishing up 18 weeks SS - What next

Well I’m finishing up the 18 weeks SS base plan in about two weeks. Normally I’d be in XC race season around here.

So taking the time and doing base seems to be really productive. I’ve forgone group rides since Covid 19 appeared but have hit numbers and notice more strength and endurance.

So next I think Brek Epic is my target provided the virus calms down and Brek is on. So that’s about 14 ish weeks away. I was thinking to test and then continue on with more SS base. Either by getting the Brek plan and do about twice; or take several weeks of SS base and repeat it hopefully with a higher FTP. I also have purchased the XC race plan but maybes it’s not good for Brek.

Would you all have any advice for a next option?

Hi @brianyoung - go with more sweet spottin’ marathon mtb style:

Use this time to raise your CTL even higher, build a bigger base, a more powerful aerobic engine and then you’ll have some good options to pull the trigger on our Breck Epic Plan when the time comes.