Became Sick - 18 Wks SS

Well I was going along on SS base and came up sick 10 days ago. It’s either mild flu or Covid as I had fevers and symptoms fit either but mostly mild so just been hiding out for awhile.

So I had attempted the SS intervals after a few days but found too tired to maintain. So took time and did some easy rides, that didn’t seem as easy as they should’ve.

Anyway, what’s your thoughts on returning to training? Should I reset the workouts to where i stopped or just jump back into my schedule when I’m good to go?

My target event this year was Breck Epic and then was conned Into Belgium waffle San Diego, now reschedules to Nov. Other local events scrapped as you can guess. So really not sure SS base even makes sense now.

Best of luck passing through this time with good health for you and your people.

First thing we are not doctors and you should probably consult a doctor. Before any training resumes I would assume you should be healthy and feeling good. Zone 2 rides should not feel hard. With the season being pushed back and Brek Epic itself not till later in the season no reason to rush into it.

Where to start is normally not that complicated of a question, but what makes it more complicated is that we do not know exactly when racing will resume. But you will need to assume that Brek Epic will happen as scheduled and work backwards.

Put in our Brek Epic 6 week sweet spot plan. This will set you up for the race.

Then from there I would see how many weeks you have to see how many weeks of sweet spot base you have. Most likely starting with sweet spot 2 or week 4 of the 18 week sweet spot plan.

Once you are healthy and have the clearance to train I would try to do at least 1 - 2 weeks of easy zone 2 riding. Maybe our foundation plan. I would be very hesitant of over doing it based on your symptoms and what is going on in the world right now.

Hope all the best for you! Please take care of yourself and those around you.


@Jake Is there a difference with Breck Epic SSTP and the SS 1,2, and 3?

Breck Epic SSTP is specie to Breck. It will have workouts that simulate the race. It also has a built in taper for the event.

@brianyoung we think our family all had COVID but testing was reserved for those that were at risk. Anyway, it was 2 weeks ago that I got over it and I’m still struggling, but my fitness and recovery are improving #whoop. I started the 32 week plan (Nov 2019) and I’m now into SS2 and had to lower my FTP 20% for some workouts. I have ended up shifting both SS1 and 2 by a week due to sickness.

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@tilkerb Well I feel recovered from the illness and can now hit my power numbers. So I am shifting around workouts, a little, just to get back to a schedule. Mainly just to keep a routine since I have no firm idea of races. I had the flu very bad a couple of years ago and frankly it wiped me out for over a year, the illness this year seems to have been milder. For piece of mind I’ll look for the anti viral test for Covid 19 when the pressure is off.

It makes a lot of sense at this time not to push to high fitness as that tends to leave me more vulnerable to sickness anyway. Don’t need any longue damage, to old for that BS.

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