Merging plans and training camp etc

Hi there. I just finished 18wks SS, merging into Mtb intervals then into Breck Epic plan. Having trouble merging them regarding rest etc.
Also leaving to france for two weeks of road riding as my own training camp. I generally like to leave this “open” as rides go as they go there. Not sure what to do about the intervals during those times.
Lastly, I blew my FTP test. Had to do it on my Kickr that day and went to hard at the start. At the moment having a guess at my new FTP but wondering about re-testing or trying to extrapolate.
Also wondering about tweaking weekday workouts to be less than 2 hrs as they are hard to fit in sometime before or after work.

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Hey Aaron,

Coach Isaiah here.

So to start out I do think its a good idea to give that field test another go, but use what you learned from the last one. All power test will eventually be hard, but it doesn’t need to be painful for the entire time!
Your test before that you did 270watts and for the first 5minutes of your test last week you did 289watts. I would recommend starting your test at 270watts and then building 5watts every 5minutes and then for the last 5minutes go all out. Do keep in mind how your body is feeling during the test and you can ramp it a bit if you are feeling good but try to hold back (comfortably uncomfortable) for the first half.
If you have not ridden yet today then you should skip the tabatas and do a shake out/openers ride, then do the power test tomorrow. I put this in your calendar. but then we will want to change up the rest of the week so your not totally destroyed for your travel (risk getting sick).
While in France I agree just keep it carefree and look to get good volume and freestyle SS time, targeting some good climbing time also. TSS should be your targets during these rides.
Then after France you will want to rest up a bit after using that as an overload week, then sharpening up for the race on the 23rd. Then the week of the 24th where you have “fun week” listed is a great place for that but you will want to lighten that up even more to get ready to then from there jump into the Breck Epic plan which is a decently hardy ramp.
Then for helping with the two hour rides during the week I can move your volume a little bit to the weekend and that should help with that pretty easily.

If all this sounds good to you then I’ll go ahead and make the changes in your TP.


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that sounds great. thank you
i’m feeling like a cold is coming on now so I’ll pray that I feel ok for a test

and thanks for confirming the France thing. I went this time last year and had some pretty epic rides with plenty of climbing. I’m heading back to the same place and have the Col de la Madone and Col de Turini, and Col de Braus on the list among other unknown areas.

Sure thing. Just updated your TP. And sure thing! One of the best places to go and explore. I did put some intervals in there that would be fun just to hit on some climbs. But for the most part just TSS goals and a rough volume outline to get a really nice CTL bump. But do remember its a rough outline. Have a blast as thats some great riding!

As for the cold (which hopefully is nothing). take that day by day, but if you doing end up being sick I would just take it easy so you can be healthy for the trip. Then you can do it late in the rest week when you get back (but hopefully you don’t need to do that).

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Thanks Isaiah. This new service is the perfect add-on. Kudos to you guys.


Hi Isaiah. I’m back from my training camp trip. I did not complete an FTP test before I left as I did end up with a cold. I accumulated quite a bit of CTL while away and feel good (other than recovering from jet lag etc). Not sure of the policy on this but are you able to go in my TP and dial in an FTP test timing etc? If I have to wait til next month for some work then no sweat.

Come to think of it I’m very close to starting the next plan and may as well wait to do the FTP test then. Unless you think otherwise.

Hey Aaron,

Sounds like you had a good trip then!
We would need to wait till next month and then I can go in and dial in your FTP. It does sound like doing the test with the start of your next plan would be best.



Roger that.

thx Isaiah.

Wondering about whether pushing a workout into the next week is smart. I missed it due to unforeseen circumstances. The new week is a rest week and worried about overloading my rest week but also stressed about my CTL going to low.

Hi Aaron - I’m looking at your TrainingPeaks but don’t know which workout you are talking about?

If I had to guess it was the tempo bursts from last Thursday the 11th? Stay on the plan this weeks as its designed. Good training is not like cramming for your college exams - you just can’t. Honor your rest days and it won’t matter in 3-4 weeks.

Let me/us know if that’s what you were talking about , thanks!

Oh thanks Frank
It was yesterdays workout that I slid over to today. That previous workout from the 11th was another unfortunate inevitable miss. But you’re advice holds true. I originally had rest today and tomorrow. I’ll follow it.
thanks again.

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