Breck Epic Training Plan

I am looking at 6 weeks to Breck Epic plan I purchased and there is a 5 hour workout in week 3 that is supposed to be be a freestyle type ride with 90 mins of SS climbing. I’m all good with that. But the issue is that the target TSS for the workout is 405 (81 TSS/hr) with an IF of 0.9. That can’t be right. I assume those numbers assume 5 hours of steady SS. Do you know what the true TSS and IF are that I should be aiming for during that workout? Thanks.


Try to aim for 300 - 325 TSS (60 - 65 TSS / hr) and .8 intensity factor overall. But make sure you focus on getting the long duration sweet spot climbs.

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yea, its a race sim for sure so as hard as possible for the full 5 hours. Its OK if you can’t do .9 IF (I don’t think I could but some can) - that point is we are challenging you to ‘practice how you want to play’