Entire Season Plan?

@frank.jones True, good point.

What an improvement Bruno!! Much better staying in the lower zones that time around.
You can push a bigger gear to get in a little more zone 2, you could even take some pulls and let her draft you on the flats if you find you are staying in low zone 1 for too long.

Regarding the FTP test, this thread is helpful.

Basically, performing the test outside on a steady hill is best. But if not you can use Zwift and lot of athletes that go this route prefer the climbs for their Field tests such as Alp du zwift. So if you cant get outside, I suggest going that route. I also suggest blaring some music that pumps you up if you are inside… but dont do that outside cause… safety first :wink:

Cool. So i guess once my knee gets better, i’ll hit ADZ or Mont Ventoux for the FTP test.
Thx for all the help and Feedback @Lacey_Rivette . Really appreciate it.

One more questiom, and this can be to anybody with Zwift experience. If i’m doing a workout without ERG mode on ADZ. do i get the incline resistance on my trainer? Or since it’s a workout, it’ll be like riding on a flat road? Does that makes sense?

Of course, glad I could help!!

Using ERG mode is what makes it feel like a flat road. Without ERG, you will feel and be able to adjust to the changes in terrain… though that is only if you have a smart trainer!

Yeah i have a smart trainer.
So if since Zwift imports the workout from Trainingpeaks, when the day for the field test arrives, i can chose that workout, and turn off the ERG mode when it’s time for the 20min effort and i will feel the gradient change is that it?


That is right! @brunocfeijao
You can also change the “trainer difficulty” which makes you feel the gradients more. Basically just makes you use more or less gears at the same power output.

More info on that here:**

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@Lacey_Rivette Cool, thx for the info

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