Dont know which plan I should do! Help!

My name is José, 165lbs and Im 41 years old. I’ve been doing the intermittent fasting and Keto diet for the past 6 weeks and want to keep doing it while following a training plan.
Im a triathlete with 4 Ironmans (140.6) and 2 (70.3) experience. My last event was last November, IMAZ 140.6, and broke my PR by 1 minute (11:53:00hrs)
Swim: 1:45hrs
Bike: 6:00hrs (18.8mph)
Run: 4:00hrs (9:00min/mile)

I have a good friend that is a cyclist and recommended me your plans, the 10 week resistance training for the off season to be specific. It focuses on weight training to be faster on the bike, which Im very interested in.

I saw on your website a 32 week resistance and sweet spot training plan for ironman 140.6.
First question, do the resistance training part of the cycling plan my friend recommended me the same as the resistance training for the Ironman plan?
Asking this because I really want to focus on becoming faster on the bike.

Second question, how many workouts a day? One or two? Asking this because I want to know what Im going to do about my nutrition (intermittent fasting).

My plan is to race in a year, Ironman Texas in April 2020. So I think a 32 week resistance and sweet spot plan is good to start, that will leave me 16 weeks to start a new Race Training Plan. I would love to hear you opinion about this so I can decide which training plan to buy.

My goal is to break my PR by at least an hour or more.

Thanks and I hope you can help me.

Jose Rodriguez

Take a look at the 2 week training calendar example in the product images here, I think that will answer alot:

First Q Answers - yes, the resistance training is included

Second Q - see the example calendar, sometimes yes, sometimes no. Read our training tip about the swim workouts, too.

For nutrition - Win In The Kitchen! Fuel your workouts like you would a Ferrari! :racing_car:

Great!.. thanks for the info!

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