When to start the 10 week resistance training plan?

My main objective for 2020 is not until the 3rd week in July. I’m three weeks into the 10 week resistance plan and after listening to the podcast, I’m realizing I might be starting this a little soon. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance for your time.


Working backwards from your event : calculate when to start and allow time for:
6 week Event Specific Intervals
18 weeks of Sweet Spot
10 weeks of weights.

That’s 34 weeks and its the weekend so I’m not gonna open up a calendar and calculate for you :wink:


Perfect, Thank you!


So @FRANK should I add another 4 weeks in there for foundation at the start if I’ve been off the bike for a while?
Or can I jump into weight training for cyclists right off the bat?

You can jump right into the weights. There isn’t a ton of hard intense riding to begin with. The focus is on the weight training and you being with the adaptation phase which is a very slow start and build up.

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Good to know my man. Thanks.

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My A event is the 1st weekend in November (Iceman). Having just finished it I took a week off and have started the strength plan which will finish in late January. There might be some time off for vacation and holidays so I will begin my next phase in early February.

My thoughts are to do sweet spot in-between and do the full 34 week plan running into the next Iceman. I am also curious about throwing in a block of VO2 max somewhere in the year. At 52 years old I consider it a weakness and would like to improve/preserve it as best I can.

What do you think about doing strength 2 times in the same year and ways to improve VO2 max at my age.

I train 5-8 hours a week and sometimes more if I can sneak in a long ride.

If you start the 32 week offseason plan next week you will begin with a fall foundation period. This is much better to do now and push the resistance training back since Iceman is your goal. Still early in the winter. Do you plan and doing any other races, rides or events before Iceman? You should look to finish your 10 week resistance training phase before your vacation time in January. So maybe a week or two of fall foundation now, and then move into resistance phase. When you get back from Vacation starting with sweet spot. Then move into an interval plan to get the intensity.

Make sure you take a two week offseason break:

You should absolutely do some intensity! This fits in after the 32 week plan finishes. I would recommend our 6 week XC interval plan. Includes Vo2 and anaerobic work and will be good for Iceman prep! During the sweet spot efforts in the 32 week plan there are over unders, burst and crisscross efforts where you will hit Zone 5 and 6 as well.