Triathlon Training Plan Help

Hey there,

I’ve been looking at the different Triathlon plans available and need some help understanding the different options.

I had been training for IM Canada at the end of August which has been cancelled.

I see 3 parts for Sweet Spot for the Triathlete and a part 3 for IM. All 6 weeks.
An 18 week Sweet Spot Plan.
6 week Race plan for a flat course (Canada will not be flat)
And a 10 week Resistance plan.

My question is, would Part 3 Sweet Spot for IM have a taper or not? What does each plans hours start and peak at for each part (Is that just the difference between Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced)?

Is the options doing parts 1 and 2 for the Triathlete and then part 3 for IM or do the 18 week? Both should end with the 6 week Race plan?

I have penciled in for 2021 11 weeks for resistance training. 14 weeks for a build. 24 weeks for an IM specific plan. This year I did a 42 week plan which felt too long. Looking for suggestions on what to do with my 49 weeks leading up in 2021 with the plans available.

Did anyone have any thoughts on this? Id be curious to hear as well

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@dprofis @WmThelen

There are 3 Sweet spots for triathletes. Parts 1 and 2 are the same for both full and half distance triathletes. The part 3 has two options, one for full and one for half distance triathletes. The training time between the levels (i.e. SS 3 for full, basic vs. SS 3 for half triathlete, basic) are very similar. The difference is in the length of the intervals as they are tailored to specific efforts those athletes will need when it comes to race day.

Neither of these plans will have a taper. You can find read more about how to taper for your event here, as it is different for every athlete. Both the 18 week plans should end with a 6 week race specific plan and a 2-3 week taper before you race (triathletes often benefit from a slightly longer taper).

For the above athlete I would suggest:

Our 32 week off season training plan for full distance triathletes:

(allow for 1-2 weeks for “life” in there)
Then a regeneration week before jumping into a race specific plan. For IM athletes we suggest this one:

Then a 2-3 week taper for your race. This would take you all the way into mid july.

Sounds good Im strongly considering it, love the podcast! :slightly_smiling_face: Dean