Triathlon Training Plan Help

Hey there,

I’ve been looking at the different Triathlon plans available and need some help understanding the different options.

I had been training for IM Canada at the end of August which has been cancelled.

I see 3 parts for Sweet Spot for the Triathlete and a part 3 for IM. All 6 weeks.
An 18 week Sweet Spot Plan.
6 week Race plan for a flat course (Canada will not be flat)
And a 10 week Resistance plan.

My question is, would Part 3 Sweet Spot for IM have a taper or not? What does each plans hours start and peak at for each part (Is that just the difference between Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced)?

Is the options doing parts 1 and 2 for the Triathlete and then part 3 for IM or do the 18 week? Both should end with the 6 week Race plan?

I have penciled in for 2021 11 weeks for resistance training. 14 weeks for a build. 24 weeks for an IM specific plan. This year I did a 42 week plan which felt too long. Looking for suggestions on what to do with my 49 weeks leading up in 2021 with the plans available.