Should I do another FTP test?

I achieved a new threshold power today during a Zwift Race. I was scheduled to do an FTP test this coming Tuesday with the of start SS2.

Should I do another FTP test Tuesday or begin SS2 with my new FTP?

My previous FTP was 272 at the start of SS1 and my new FTP as of today is 297. I am also lighter by about 4lbs since my last test so needless to say I’m super happy with the increase!

Thanks - Matt


I would recommend you just go with the number you achieved during todays Zwift race. Since you are have sweet spot 1 and sweet spot as separate plans they do have you starting off with a field test but testing every 6 weeks is not necessary. We have a podcast on using group rides and races to help determine if a new FTP has been achieved. That is basically what you did today!

And to save Frank from having to chime in I’m pretty sure there is not a Zwift race in the sweet spot 1 plan. :rofl:

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:rofl: freestyle sweet spot = race no!?. Mea culpa. Had to break up the indoor session.


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Only 19 lashes bc your FTP increased. I bet when you FtFP on Tuesday you’ll see an even bigger increase bc that is a formal test and not a Zwift.

Also if your data was coming from tour KICKR (inaccurate to +/- 5%) you want to get more accurate data from your real power meter that is on your bike