Weird FTP scores

So i got myself a new power meter to use with an awesome fascat sweet spot training plan
I have completed previous FTP tests on line ie Zwift ramp test - i know these scores differ to a real field test

Unfortunately i don’t have much in the way of roads that are 2-3% in gradient that can be ridden for 20min - so i did the test on a velodrome - and my FTP score was a little to good

In previous FTP ramp tests i had scores anywhere from 250-270 - however on the velodrome i scored 400watts as my FTP - this really doesn’t seem right.

I then decided to find a hill that’s a bit steeper then prescribed for the field test to confirm my FTP score on this second attempt i only score an FTP of 250watts - the road averaged a 4% gradient

This seems all a bit weird to me and im not sure what to base my FTP for training at

Thanks Legends


Hey @dannking

Make sure your powermeter is properly calibrated. If it’s new, calibrate it everyday for a week or two and make sure you’re getting the same or very close to the same calibration number.

You could test again when rested and do it on Zwift- you can upload a 20min FTP test and it will give you a great route to use. That said, watch your powermeter on your bike for power and not zwift.

OR! If you are able to join a super hard group ride and rip it you could possibly get a new FTP that way.

Powermeters are fun but can be funky until you’re used to it!

Good luck,
Coach Allie

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Thanks so much for getting back to me and for the advice I really appreciate it :smiley:


Dann King