Different watts

Watts In my workout don’t match what’s in TP vs Zwift.

Hi @johnnybalding - I just spoke to you on the phone and issued you your refund.

We can only control what we tell you to do in your plan - they are simple zone based workouts telling you to pedal hard or easy between x and y watts.

What you do after that with Zwift and your SmartTrainer is where it can get complicated quick unless you have some help from folks like us :wink:

I’m also gonna page Coach @Jake because he’s our resident smartTrainer Zwift expert to see if he can help you - all the best.

I wish it were that simple. If it was I would still be using the plan. It’s my understanding that we are responsible for setting up our own zones. I found this to be complicated & I can’t understand in this day & age why the zones can’t be automatically generated after taking the initial 20 minute test. You have all data needed.
If you have any solutions for me I’m open to them. If not thanks for your time. JB

Calculating your zones is easy once you ask, here’s how:

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Hi JB!

Sorry you have having issues lining up your Training zones. Your zones may not match up if your FTP is not set the same in TrainingPeaks as it is in Zwift. I know both TrainingPeaks and Zwift will send you notifications if you want to update your FTP based on power from a previous ride, i.e field test that would produce a higher FTP then previously set. However they will not change it automatically. Also just because it is set one way in TrainingPeaks doesn’t mean it is the same in Zwift. These are two different platforms even though you can complete a TrainingPeaks workout on Zwift. So there is a bit to set up here. But once things are set up after the field test you are good to go! There is no way for us to sell a training plan and update your zones for you unless you were coached or had a coaching subscription.

To set your FTP in Zwift you click on menu, then the edit box by your name (box with pen). It will open a place where you can put in your FTP number.

Frank shared with you how you do it in TrainingPeaks.

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Ok with the help of my wife we have it figured out. Will you please load the plan back to my TP? Do I need to repurchase on your website or can we take care of it here?

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Hey awesome @johnnybalding
Apologies for it being a hassle. Glad you got it to work out. Since I refunded you your payment , go back to the website and buy it again please. You’ll go thru the same steps, etc… accept the plan , apply the plan in trainingpeaks (choose a Monday) and so forth.