CX Race & Recover Plan

Hi coaches!

This plan has racing every every weekend but there are a couple of weekends were I don’t have any races on my calendar. Tips on workout replacements? Thanks

Kind of a tough question to answer as it can be pretty individual! But, here’s some general advice:

-If you’re trying to keep form over a long season, then on off weekends from racing it can be good to get some aerobic base work. Something like a Sweet Spot workout Saturday and an endurance ride Sunday is awesome. If you have other FasCat plans you should have plenty of different workouts to use.

-If you’re coming into a planned peak for an ‘A’ race then try to either find a training race, or do some intense workouts that target either 1) your weaknesses or 2) a particular aspect of the course that you know you need for your ‘A’ race.

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