Substitute Cross Workouts If Not Racing

Hey Guys,

I am in the 6 weeks till cyclocross plan and I don’t plan on racing till October. When there is a workout that states “CX Openers” or “CX Race” is there any way you can post another workout if you are not racing that day or doing openers the day before? That would be helpful.


I believe the last two weekends of the plan are the weekends that have “race” in them. The first one has an alternate workout if no race. You can still do the openers as a workout. Good chance to practice that routine. Plus you will have a more challenging weekend of training so don’t need to over do that Friday.

As for the other Saturday that has ‘race’ and you have no race the best option would be a mock cyclocross race. Go to your local park and maybe set up a course. Practice your start and go full gas, set up obstacles and or barriers.

If that is not option, maybe ride some trails or dirt roads on your race bike and attack corners, hills and etc. In the cyclocross pre season plan we also put in Attack Interval - Esque Group Ride. This would be a great workout as well. Just using the group’s dynamics and terrain to attack / counter attack, hail mary and then come back and sit in in zone 2 draft and recovery before you go crazy hard again. I’m thinking 5-6 really good hard full gas effort over the course of the two hour ride.

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