Cyclocross Intervals Plan

Quick question, apologize if this has been asked before, transitioning from the 6 weeks to cross plan to the Cyclocross Intervals Plan and when I look at the upcoming weeks they seem too easy? By that I mean, Tuesday appears to some hot laps, Wednesday either Worlds or Tabatas, Thursday skills and weekends either a race or endurance. Become so accustom to more intervals/sweet spot with bursts etc…seems like the real efforts are limited to Wednesday which seems like not enough intensity to me and I fear I will loose all the fitness I built this year. I hear in my head FTFP at the same time I want to roll with Tabatas on Tuesday and hit it again for Wednesday Night Worlds. Maybe I’m just too addictive to the sweet spot.

it is plenty when you also look at the weekends. On the weekends of the interval plan you have a race, or intervals if you have no race, then sweet spot endurance on Sunday. So a slightly lighter Tuesday workout is needed after a hard weekend.

Ideally you have completed your full base period, pre season season cyclocross sweet spot and have that huge base already as well.

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