Crit Plan + 32 wk plan

Does it end with taper(crit plan) ? Im doing 32wk plan and want to finish it up with crit plan as my A race is crit state champs at the end of may.

No it does not. So the 6th week of the plan is full on. You would want your race to be on the week that follows the completion of the criterium plan. Or you could have it on that last week but you would need to cut some of the workouts out, have the off day two days out from your race followed by race openers.

The week before the last week is intense but the duration is down. So doing that the week before would be no issue. You would just want to make sure the week leading into the race is easy, but don’t forget one day of intensity to stay sharp. Personally I would have an athlete take the day off twos before, openers the day before and the one interval workout I would do that week is the Vo2 max workout on week 6 of the plan. The other days would be short zone 2 days.

Sounds good. So ill finish my 32wk training 5 weeks prior to state champs. Best bet would be to replace those last 2 weeks from 32wk plan and do full interval plan?

Actually you honestly could do that. So after the last regeneration week of the 32 week plan start the criterium plan. So it might be 3 weeks but this way you start the criterium plan fresh.