Which plan after base building?

This offseason, I completed 16 weeks weights + base, followed by sweet spot 3 which I just finished. My base is the best its ever been.

I am a road race + crit guy, but this year want to add Time Trial to the mix. I have never TT’d before.

I have 12 weeks to build to my A event. I was going to do the RR+Crit plan next, and maybe a 2nd time after that. But what about TT? Do I need anything TT-specific?

I am an Optimize subscriber. Is it time to phone-a-friend for that consult & custom plan opportunity?

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Hey Shane,
Depending on the distance of the TT, you might benefit from doing the Intervals for Time Trialing plan. I’d say the longer the TT race, the more benefit you’d get from the plan because you need sustained power. The road race and crit plan gives you some sustained intervals but it’s more focused on high end power. Since I don’t know if your A event that you mentioned is a time trial or a road race, I’m not sure which plan you’d need to do first.
As an Optimize subscriber, you do have access to the 30 minute coaching call after you’ve been subscribed for 3 months, but you don’t get the free month of coaching until you’ve been subscribed for 1 year.
Hope that helps. If not, let us know what the order of races is and we may be able to give you a better line-up/order of plans and timing.

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It’s a 40k TT.

On Thursday morning I put in a request on Optimize for a consult. Waiting to hear back.