Tapering in the middle of a plan

I’m in the middle of a 6 week MTB intervals plan. My race is on the 9th of January. I’m starting regeneration week (week 3) and won’t be able to complete the plan before the race (week 4) . How should I taper if at all? Thank you.

When was your last regeneration week? Ideally it was just before you started the interval plan. Then you could really do the 4th week fo the plan this week and do the regeneration week next week as you taper into the race.

During the regeneration week if on race week you would want to do Wednesday workout, easy zone 2 for the other, off day 2 days before event, and just a short openers ride the day before.

Jake, my last regen week was prior to the start of the program. So I’ll flip the weeks, and regen/taper the week of the race. Thank you.



Jake, what is a “short openers ride”? Thank you