In -Season plan for longer than 6 weeks


Im in Australia and our crit season is going to start the first week of November (4 week delay due to covid). I have timed my prep ok with 18 weeks of sweet spot and now 6 weeks of race & criterium intervals (my FTP is way up from where i started).

Our season will run all of summer with racing mid week every week (break over xmas). I notice the road in-season plan only goes for 6 weeks, is it a viable option to to keep repeating the in-season road plan for the length of the season or should I look to work in some other type of training?


Hey @boyd.statton - You could repeat the plan, or if you have a significant gap, you can do sweet spot part 4 to maintain fitness and then the in season plan again.

Ok thanks @Lacey_Rivette