How to factor a race into my 32 week plan?

I’m at the tail end of the 32 week training plan and on the final Sweet Spot portion. I have raced a couple cat 123 road races and crits during the last couple months. I felt more fatigue than I expected and was wondering if I should modify my training and taper for a week or two prior to my next race? In two weeks I have another cat 123 road race.

If you find yourself racing more you can try our road racing in season plan. It will give you more rest between races. Once you built your solid base, done your interval training and racing has begun this is a great plan to do! After a few races you will want to circle back and top of the CTL as during this time you will be racing and resting.

Thank you, Jake. I have that plan and have been considering using that now instead of finishing the 32 week plan.

I’ll plug it into my calendar.

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