Crit has unexpectedly appeared, plan suggestions?

A crit has suddenly appeared on the local calendar on June 18. Any suggestions for implementing a plan - presumably the crit interval plan - to be ready for that race? That;s about six weeks away, but the wrench in the works is that I have an annual 3-day climbing camp two weekends from now (May 15th-ish) that I would have to work into the plan. Thanks!

I have many years of crit racing experience but have never used a structured plan for prep, and only started using power last year.

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That is correct @rlrpt and one idea is that you simply overlay your climbing camp overtop the training plan’s prescribed training.

Then when the camp is over take a rest day or two and begin FtFP’ing again.

Hope that helps!

Great thanks @FRANK. What do you suggest for the week leading into the race? Presumably the sixth week of the plan would still be a build week rather than a typical pre-race week?