Adjustments to Sweet Spot 18-Week Plan

Hey, I bought the 18 week Sweet Spot plan from TrainingPeaks, and I was curious the best way to work this into my life. The basic constraints are (1) I need my longish hard days to be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, (2) my group rides need to be on Sunday, and (3) I would like to continue lifting weight. What are the big flaws on the the below plan (other than no 100% rest days - these should be relatively light lifting days).

FYI, the rides will be in the morning and the lifting will be in the evening.

Hi @palmerneil - lot going on here that I am concerned about.

#1 what are you training for an when is that?

#2 we do not recommend lifting while trying to build base.


^^ giant flaw - how old are you?

If I were coaching you, I’d basically get you assimilated to Monday/ Fridays OFF, hard ride Saturday, endurance Sunday - figure out the timing of lifting because timing is everything

I don’t have a specific race. Main goal is to progress as a cyclist and be able to hang with local group rides once Covid is over.

I am 47. Lifting is important to me for general health purposes, so I am willing to trade off a little performance gain here. For each lifting session I am talking about 10-12 sets (benefit of buying squat rack, etc due to Covid). But I read you on rest days — I can move and reduce the upper body lifts if necessary.

Thanks for the resources and the quick feedback.

Okay - so you are in the “On Season” meaning you have > 4-6 months to train to ride faster.

Therefore - the best way to get faster in a balance way (can’t lift and build simultaneously) is to do our Fall Foundation > 10 weeks Weight Lifting Plan and THEEEEEEN your 18 weeks of sweet spot

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Okay, thanks, I will switch plans.

Working on planning my training plan leading up to my A-race, which is scheduled for August 29th. As of now 18 weeks sweet spot + 6 weeks crit interval plan + 2 weeks taper gets me right to that date. However, I will probably need a week break off the bike somewhere in the next 26 weeks and a week of vacation with the family where cycling may not be able to happen, meaning I probably have two weeks I need to cut. Any suggestions about which weeks. I started the program this week (field test this past Tuesday) and plan to finish week 1. Any thoughts @FRANK or @Lacey_Rivette ?

Hey Roger!
In the 18 weeks of SS plan you have a rest week in week 12. I would plan for your family vacation then if possible and then you can plan to have a really light week again during the regeneration week in week 16. Once you get closer to your race and are doing your race specific intervals you dont want to be taking much time off of the bike. All eyes on the prize at that point :wink: