Giving up on Road season and focusing on CX... what plan?

Hi there, been listening to (and loving) the podcast and am about to buy a program, but have a question about timing. I’m a roadie who likes to race CX for fun, but due to COVID-19 the road / gravel calendar is basically cancelled. I’ve got a pretty good base of around 75-80 right now, but am wondering if I should do one of the sweet spot programs or just buy the whole CX plan which includes the summer sweet spot plan). First race is about 15 weeks out… if it happens (fingers crossed).

Keep up the awesome podcasts and great resources.


If you are going to do cyclocross you can do our cyclocross progression. That is 12 weeks till the season starts. Not sure what you have now but you could do the last 4 weeks of sweet spot 3 till the summer cx sweet spot plan.

Not on any plan as of yet, just discovered you guys as I’ve been commuting for my job the last few months and started listening to your podcast.

Thanks for the advise!

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Welcome! If you have any other questions just let us know. You’ve come to the right spot!

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