Compression tights

I know Frank has recommended a set of tights in the podcast, but I’m considering investing in some compression tights to aid recovery.

Does anyone use these and, if so, what brand, model, etc.?

I wear the full leg compression tights from RecoFit, a local Boulder, CO company.

Not too hot in the summer and actually insulating under pants or sweats in the winter.

Try 'em out, nothing too lose and compression is supported in the scientific literature :nerd_face:


Thanks for the recommendation @FRANK

I also agree, nothing to lose by trying them.

I’ve dropped them a line about sizing and will go from there. My only reservation is I’d liked full tights as opposed to leg sleeves, but I’ll see what they come back with in the first instance as to sizing.

Ended up buying the Recofit women’s tights as I’m not a fan of leg sleeves and fit the dimensions for the women’s L size.

Very well made and great compression. Would recommend :+1:t2:

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