MTIs - Legs binding up

Hi Guys,

On Adaption week 3 of Weights and Base and I haven’t been able to complete more than one interval of my MTIs over my last two workouts (5x7s and today I only got 2 minutes of my 4x8s).

The issue is my right quad seems to bind when my left leg is at its most extended and then I lose power completely. It feels like an imbalance in the muscles and once it occurs I can’t do anything with my leg that involves any sort of effort.

I’ve done MTIs for about 5 years now and have had no problems. I have good form and love doing them. Is there anything I can do to address this when lifting my weights?

Hey @danielbrown

Very interesting. I would actually recommend seeing a fitter or a PT on this one. Ideally you can see someone who is both and as such tell you where the issue is coming from. I agree it sounds like an activation issue and since you have been doing MTI’s for quite a few years it must be a new issue.
If that is not available to you, I would try a progression on the cadence side. So do the first MTI workout at 75-70RPM’s and see if that helps, if it does then the next time you can lower it a bit. I would also recommend shortening the sets a bit to build slower and give it time.
In gym I would incorporate some single leg work like single leg bridges and single leg band activation. Not big lifts, but they do a ton to make sure everything is operating correctly. These also tell you really fast when something is not firing.

Thanks Isaiah! I’ve added some split squats and lunges. There’s a definite weakness in the left leg. Will keep the for informed of my progress.


So…turns out this was allergy/intolerance related (dairy, tomatoes and peppers). I started waking up with cramping /cramped legs and generally feeling like I’d always just finished a 5 hr ride. Pleased to say I have resumed the base plan this year and all is going well.

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