Completed workouts not in TP calendar

My completed workouts are syncing to TP, but they are not going into the calendar. See attached screenshot of a completed workout viewed through TP notifications. See also attached screenshot of this training plan calendar with no workout result in it. I tried uploading the zwift file, but TP says that file has already been uploaded. Its like TP knows I have results, but won’t put them in the calendar or associate them with the planned workout that goes with the result file. Help!

One more hint…when I view my TP workout in zwift, the same workout appears 3 times.

Previously there was some trouble getting my FasCat workout plan pushed to TP. It had to be tried a few times. Somehow I’ve got triplicate workouts in zwift, only one workout in my TP calendar, and none of the results getting into the calendar.

I fixed it!

See that 2nd screenshot under July 12th in the calendar? That Welcome To FasCat entry had my workout results in it (don’t know why). The 2nd entry is the workout, but the results got pared to the welcome message.

Following a tip on TP help, I drag & dropped the Welcome calendar entry on top of the workout calendar entry. This paired the two together, which brought my results into the planned workout for July 12.

So now it looks like this:

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Typically the ride will upload to the first training box for the day!

Glad you got it sorted!

-coach Allie

Thanks for posting this I had the same issue and your post saved me a lot of time :+1:

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