TP plan not in Zwift

I have TP in my Zwift connections. There is no TP workout that I can find in my workouts on Zwift. What do I need to do to make this sync?

They should show up under the custom workouts tab as you see in the screenshot below and in this video that I made for synching your FasCat plans with zwift… If they arent, I would try to log out and log back into your zwift.

If that does not work (which is rare), you can manually add your workouts to zwift. Here is a thread where I walk you through how to do that:

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I also found this on the Zwift site. This helped me a bit.

To clarify, if you’re riding on Zwift on November 1st, then you’ll need to make sure the TrainingPeaks workout is on your calendar on November 1st. If you have a workout created in the past or the future, these workouts will not show up when you log in to Zwift.

I had this problem recently, and it may be a coincidence with some other process, but I believe I solved it by hitting the “refresh” button in the TP UI, and I then went back into the zwift screen to choose a workout and it was there.

Also if the Workout doesn’t have Interval’s or Zones specified i.e. via The Workout Builder like this one, it also will not appear in Zwift nor the Garmin Connect Calendar.

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