Completed polarised sweetspot

Hi all

I’ve completed the polarised Advanced training Plan. That was pretty tough, but I do feel fitter and stronger. Great plan. My question is what next? I was going to do a TT plan but TTs in my area of the UK look cancelled now. There is a rolling hills type sportive planned just over a 100 miles in distance for the end of September I’ve entered. I’d also like to bag some longer PRs/KOMs - 30 mins to an hour. I’m used to going hard over a 100 but would like to improve longer PRs so wondering what you would suggest. Is there a plan that would combine that would work for this distance as well perhaps improve PRs/KOMs? I completed the shorter Advanced KOM plan in June. I already have a TT intermediate plan - just wondering if I add more mileage at the weekend. I’ve also been doing advanced plans the whole year - it’s been generally fine but is it okay to continue this level at 47? Would like to keep them going at this level unless really daft. I have to say the TT intermediate Plan looks a bit under cooked now in terms of time in comparison.

Also as I don’t be returning to the gym this winter due to Covid, are you developing a plan for home based strength development.

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