Which plan should I consider next?

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Hope everyone had a great Easter long weekend.

Currently doing 18 Wk SS plan (Intermediate) which I complete at the end of June. This is my first structured training plan and really enjoying having something to focus on & work towards. At my age of 47, I currently don’t race or do any events & don’t plan on it (for now anyway - got racing out of my system when I rode motocross!) just want to be a better stronger cyclists and like to have a goal to work towards when riding.

What plan should I consider next as there’s still plenty of outdoor riding left come July, should I do another SS plan such as SS Polarized?

Open to input/suggestions.


Since you will have a big base from doing a lot of sweet spot work I would recommend you try one or two of our interval plans.

Our road race interval plan is a good mix of intensity. You could also do our sweet spot 4 plan which is the polarized training before that if you’d like. But either way it would be good to get interval and high intensity training in once you complete 18 weeks of base training. The base training makes you strong the interval and high intensity training makes you fast.


Thanks @Jake , that makes sense as I was also considering one of them instead of SS. Good to see my thought process isn’t too far off.

I’ll take a closer look at the interval plans for road.


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