Commuting during workouts

I start my 6 week plan coming up on Monday. There maybe some days when I can commute to work by Bicycle. it is 15 miles each way. My question is, if I do how do I handle the work out for that day? Pick the morning or Afternoon, and then just go easy the second commute of the day?

Usually I would have my athletes complete the workout as planned in the morning and then just do an easy cruise home.

Meal prep and recovery plan is important as once you get to work you will want to make sure you are fueled. Have clothes packed and bag packed as well.

Also you will want to make sure that the extra riding home doesn’t add up to too much fatigue. As longs you can recovery and it does not effect following workouts you are good!

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Can you advise what to do if your commute isn’t long enough for that day’s session?

For example you have a 2 hour session, but your commute is only 1 hour each way.


If you have intervals that day try to do them on the way to work when you are fresher and just zone 2 on the way home. Do as much work on the first ride as possible.

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