Intermixing Rowing


I wanted to know if there are any recommendations or sage wisdom for adding rowing to your training plan. I find that rowing provides resistance in the opposite direction that cycling does on the body and gives me more stamina for long rides. I doubt it has any impact on power. Naively, I currently do light rowing instead of recovery spins and do moderate rowing for ~30min after lifting. I would love to know your opinion on this. Not sure if it’s a placebo or if there is some merit.


The more time you train the faster you will get up until a point but it needs to be sport specific a la pedaling a bike.

I am sure there are some aerobic benefits to rowing (incredible VO2 work if going all out sub 5 minutes) but all of our plans are cycling specific, sorry. We want to prescribe the types of training that will help you the most and that is cycling (except for the weight lifting)