Weight training plan completed fast?

I get a 1/2 hour lunch and want to run through the weight training in that time. It will look like a cross fit workout. I would not have time to ride before or after.:cry: what are your thought on this?
This will really help me with my daily time. I could ride the 1/2 hour 6 hours after I do the workout but I don’t think that will do much?

Hi @cliffkroening -

Unfortunately I do not think 30 minutes is enough time for everything you want to do. Perhaps there is another time of the day like before work?

Read out Seven Habits of Highly Successful Masters Cyclists and see # 1 :wink:

Thank you for the fast response and information.

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I’ve got a question semi related to this. I’m starting the 2nd week of weight lifting next week. I listed to the podcast from this year and last October, it was mentioned that between sets to do some core type work or specifically sit-ups and back extensions (something like that).

I’m doing the squats, leg presses and leg curls one right after the other with no rest. That only takes about 5 minutes total, then I’m doing 5 minutes or so of sit-ups, etc. I can do all 4 sets in 30-40 minutes tops.

Especially when I start doing bigger weights, should I take a certain amount of time between the squats, leg presses and leg curls or keep doing them one right after the other with no breaks?

You are still using light weights. You will need more of a rest period once you get to the heavy lifting. Just like intervals where you need to do take that 1 minute between full gas efforts or the ratio of 2:1 for most efforts.

No specific amount of time, but give yourself that time to rest so you can complete the next set. At least a couple of minutes.

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Great thanks. Wasn’t sure if you wanted that rest in between or not.