Returning after extended time off

Good evening FasCat’s. I’m looking for some advice on what I should do.

Last year (2021 race season) I trained and raced focusing on TT’s. I had plans of doing the same this year, but work and life (and subsequently some depression) took up most of my time and prevented me from training and even riding for fun. I want to make racing a priority again next season.

I just recently started (again) the WITK weight loss meal plan to help me lose the extra pounds I’ve put on over the past few months.

I’m a single parent and work 50+ hours a week, so I have decided I will work weekends to be able to leave early enough through the week to get training in. We have exercise equipment at the office, so I could possibly squeeze in weights/cross training after work or on a lunch break. I tried doing morning workouts last year, but I just can’t swing it.

My question is, since I haven’t been able to ride much this year, should I do the 30 week off season plan, starting in the next month or so, to wrap it up around March then start the 40k TT plan (first race is in April)? Or would I be better off riding as much as I can the remainder of the year and do 16 weeks of base followed by the TT plan. With the TT plan only being 12 weeks, what’s the best plan to follow up with to get through the remainder of the race season? Most of the local races are 20k, but the state TT course is 40k and that would likely be my big “A” race for the year.

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I would recommend starting the 16 sweet spot plan now to start building your base before winter. Once late fall comes you can take a one week break and then start the 30 week off season plan. 3 weeks fall foundation, 10 weeks resistance training and then roll into the sweet spot training. You may need to cut some of the sweet spot training down at the end of the 30 week plan to start the 12 week TT plan. Ideally the 12 week plan would finish at your State TT. So get that lined up.

But I would just focus on more riding with the sweet spot plan as its only August. You don’t need to be starting resistance training just yet that would be in the off-season plan. Build your CTL back up so you can start the off season plan at a higher level.