Changing plan days

Hi there,

Just signed up for the CX plan bundle (starting May 10) and was wondering about switching days within the training week. I’m a shop employee so I don’t usually have two weekend days in a row off for long rides. I also usually don’t have two days off in a row. Is there a preferred method for scheduling long days when they can’t be done consecutively? Or should I try to rearrange my schedule to get those two days done back to back?


Hey Jacob!
Welcome to the FasCat Coalition :slight_smile:
You can drag and drop workouts to make them fit within your schedule. Ideally you want to keep your two harder workouts back to back as this results in greater physiological adaptations. So one thing you could do is add a bit extra SS to your weekend ride so that you achieve a higher TSS and then pull back a bit on your zone 2 ride the following day. That way you can complete it before or after work.